How to Add Amazon Affiliate Widgets to WordPress

Are you an Amazon affiliate seller?  Have you struggled with displaying your Amazon affiliate products on your WordPress website or blog?  Good news!  Amazon widgets are easy to create and add to WordPress.

Step 1:

First, you need an Amazon affiliate account.  You do need a website or blog to join, to my knowledge.  So just go to the Amazon Affiliate Homepage and complete the required steps to sign up.

Step 2:

Now that you are approved and your Amazon Affiliate account is set up (and here is a good resource if you want some basics on Amazon Affiliates), then you will want to navigate to your Amazon Affiliate homepage.  Under the Product Linking dropdown, choose Native Shopping Ads:

Step 3:

Then, on the Native Shopping Ads page, click on the Custom Ads link:

Step 4:

Now, you just need to search and add the products that you want to appear in your widget.  So on the left hand toolbar, simply type your product description (eg. “chandelier”) into the search box:


Step 5:

At this point, you will see your products listed in a horizontal ad.  The grid is the default layout:

Step 6:

You can choose either Grid, List or Strip to display your products.  Keep in mind that if you navigate to a different layout, your saved products will be cleared and you will have to start again adding products.  This is the List layout:

And this is the Strip layout:

Step 7:

I will go back to the Grid for the final example because that is my favorite.  On the Grid, you can also scroll down to the lower left corner and click on Advanced Settings to indicate if you want the widget to be responsive (my recommendation) and if you want to show or hide the Amazon search bar:

Step 8:

Now we just want to copy the Ad Code and paste it into our blog post or page.  So just click the yellow Highlight Code button, and copy (CTRL or CMD + C) and then head over to your blog or website.

Step 9:

There are multiple ways to paste HTML code into WordPress, if you’re using the Classic post Editor, just make sure you’re on the Text tab, not Visual, and paste the code in.  If you’re using Gutenberg, add an HTML block, or you can paste the HTML into a widget or page.

Then just publish or update your post or page, and your Amazon widget will appear!  Super easy, you can create as many widgets as you want.  I am pasting my widget here so you can see the final result, thanks for reading and happy shopping!

And if you want to add your Amazon images and affiliate links on your own, you can check out my tutorial How to Add a 3 Column Amazon Widget and you could also use the Shop Page WP widget tutorial.

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