How To Add a Custom Paypal Button to your Website

While it is quick and easy to add a Buy Now Paypal button to sell a simple product on your blog or website, sometimes you want to create a button that looks cute and matches your site design.

First of all, you should be logged into your own Paypal account. Then go to this link:

Step 1: Select the Buy Now button option. This will take you to a page that looks like this:

Step 2: You can fill out all of the information on the page, including item name and price, etc.

In the section where it says “Use Your Own Button Image”, you can simply paste the link to your button. This tutorial assumes that you have already designed your button. Your button must be hosted somewhere, so the easiest way is to simply upload your button image to your own blog or website in the Media Library. To do this, in your WordPress dashboard, go to Media > Add New and simply upload your button:

And then you will just click on your uploaded button image and copy the File URL

So simply grab the link for your own hosted image (it will be something like so):

And then navigate back to Paypal, and just paste that link into the empty box. Feel free to make any other adjustments to your price, tax, shipping, etc. and then scroll down to the yellow Create Button box.

Step 3: Then all you have to do is to copy the generated code from Paypal and paste it into your blog or website as HTML. So first copy the generated code from Paypal:

Step 4: Then simply navigate back to your blog or website, and go to the page or post that you want to add your Buy Now button to. You will want to paste your code as HTML, so be sure you click over to the Text tab of your post or page if you are using the classic editor, or simply add an HTML block if you are using a block editor:

And now you have your custom Paypal Buy Now button. Remember, you can go to at any time to view or edit your saved buttons.

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