Home Renovation Advice for a New Generation

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Home Renovation Advice for a New Generation

A previous post entitled ‘Office Space’ covered a bunch of home office design ideas from Pinterest, which anyone can draw inspiration from. More people nowadays are working from home, which makes advice like this even more relevant. However, there are also so many other home renovation tips that a new generation of homeowners, renters, or any design enthusiasts can co-opt into their own living spaces. As we see more applications of technology and sustainability in home design, this paves the way for a new host of renovation tips, tricks, and hacks. Here’s some sound home renovation advice for a new generation:

Repurposing the old with the new

Sustainable living, which many of today’s homeowners ascribe to, also covers the need to make more prudent choices in terms of furniture and materials. Lately, there has been a trend in terms of upcycling and repurposing old materials. Many of the modern homes in Finland are built with wood as it is one of the most sustainable resources in the country. This also absorbs more carbon dioxide. Leftover wood could also be repurposed for other furniture, and you can likewise turn this into a little creative project of your own. Don’t shy away from the idea of visiting flea markets and buying scrap materials and furniture. This is a great way of making your own unique pieces while also retaining an environmentally friendly mindset whilst redecorating.

Making the most out of apps

Smartphones hold tons of capabilities with features and apps. The newest generation of homeowners is tech-savvy, and likely turn to their phones for answers to their questions, especially for anything related to home maintenance such as repairs and coverage. TXK Today report that one company is making waves in the US, with British company HomeServe offering innovative home maintenance and repair solutions in partnership with American Electric Power (AEP). Their services are now available to customers of AEP’s Southwestern Electric Power Co.’s territory through a 24-hour hotline. They have also embraced smartphone technology, as the HomeServe app helps people manage their policies from the palm of their hand. They can easily seek advice on their utilities, coverage, claims, and get answers in real-time. It’s the perfect modern solution to problems homeowners have had for years. If you’re looking for an app from a design perspective, Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer helps you test paint swatches on the walls and mix and match color combinations. This lets you make more informed decisions before getting to the heart of the renovation. Home renovation apps could be your best friend if you are new to the renovation process, as they use platforms that you’re already familiar with.

Finding the intersection between tech and sustainability

Susan Matus of Case Design/Remodeling in Bethesda, Maryland says that technology can be leveraged to simplify a home’s looks and functions. Again with the shift towards sustainability, a lot of home technologies nowadays are smart appliances that help homeowners cut down on their energy use. This growing consciousness on environmental footprints is one of the greatest appeals of some of these smart appliances like sleek electrical outlet switches or smart thermostats that learn your room temperature preferences and adjust accordingly. One acclaimed modular eco-home in Estonia has been praised for its smart home technology which features solar panels, digital door locks, and adjustable LED lighting – all of which are incorporated into the home’s design. Many of these were designed with both form and function in mind, so these smart technologies subtly add a hint of style to your living spaces, while also significantly helping you make more environmentally-sound choices. A new generation of people looking to redo and redecorate their homes means new trends and tips to follow. Let this be a starting point for you to express your own creativity once you embark on your own home renovation project.



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