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Holiday Style Guide

I know it’s not officially December yet, but to me, Thanksgiving signals the start of the holiday season.  I always make all of these plans for December, I’m going to have my hair already highlighted and done so it just automatically looks good for all the social stuff (not done yet).  I’m going to have my nails done regularly (nope).  I’m going to have all my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving (nope but at least I have a list and most of it is online).  So, once again, I’m a little behind the eight ball but that’s okay!  I did dig out one of my outfit guides to help you (and help me) with some fashionable ideas for all those events that arise during the holidays (office parties, friends in town, family dinners, road trips, etc.).  So I got one thing done!  I hope everyone had a fab Thanksgiving and let’s all have a happy and healthy holiday season!



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