Happy Fourth (and How to Eat a Lobster!)

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Happy Fourth (and How to Eat a Lobster!)

how to eat a lobster
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Happy Fourth of July!  For most of America, the Fourth means you need to know how to eat a hot dog (preferably just one or two, though for some reason Americans do seem kind of obsessed with hot dog-eating contests – what’s up with that?!).  But if you grew up anywhere but New England, you may not know exactly how to eat a lobster.  Here’s a link to a fabulous guide that tells you how to do just that, along with some amazingly artful food photography.  And even if you’re not perfect the first time hey, it’s delicious practice.

I will for sure be indulging today, but I’m taking a moment to remember what the Fourth is really about which, once again can be hard if you live anywhere but New England where they actually have like, horses and Paul Revere impersonators and the Boston Pops, for the rest of us too often the Fourth means a tattooed shirtless guy riding his bike blasting Hank Williams Jr. (which I actually witnessed yesterday – ‘Murica).  And the beer cans and pickup trucks and tank tops are a big part of America too.  But in this election year especially, I feel incredibly grateful to live in the United States.  Because no matter how you feel about a candidate, you’re allowed to express it.  No one is going to hunt you down and imprison you because of your vote, or your opinion on a vote.  We may not all agree with one another, but we all get the same right, it’s a true democracy.  We get to express ourselves freely in the format of our choosing.  We can wear a political t-shirt or bumper sticker.  Not everyone gets that right in this world.  Sometimes I get really angry and threaten to expat out (Ireland?  Stockholm?  Paris?  They have some amazingly inexpensive airbnbs in Thailand) but when it comes down to it, I love this country.

Land of the free, home of the brave.


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