I am so excited that I’ve been tagged by the lovely Erica over at Moth Design on her Happy 101 list!  Erica has been one of the many kind and talented bloggers who has generously shared her comments and support.  Also, I just saw that I was also tagged by Yahnay at Coco Pearl, as well, wow!  Lovin’ the love!  Now, the fun part!  I get to pass the torch to 10 of my favorite bloggers.  I’ve chosen just a few wonderful women who are clearly talented and, trust me, worth a look!
1.  Amy at Varnish Design.  Amy is my number one.  She reached out to me and we have been talking about ways to support each other’s blogs and share ideas.   You need to go to there!
2.  Jamilyn at Living It At Home 
5.  Silvia at Casa Bella
6.  Helena at A Diary of Lovely
7.  Heather at Swanky Paper
10.  Karyna at Paper Squid
If you’ve been mentioned here, it’s your turn!  Create your own Happy 101 list (if you wish) and tag 10 of your favorite friends!  Cheers!