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Loving this Thanksgiving holiday shoot from Urban Outfitters!  I love tablescapes and tis the season for some of the freshest and most inspiring recipes and design.   So November is traditionally gratitude month, where we take the time to place extra focus on gratitude, though I try to cultivate this attitude all year long.  My life used to be a lot rougher than it is now, my twenties had kind of a rocky start, and I look back on this time with gratitude now – it makes it really easy to appreciate the small things.

I think about everything in my life I’m grateful for – namely this year that my dad, who has been really sick (don’t smoke, ya’ll!) is doing much better these days.  So of course I’m so grateful for his health and my own of course, for my dear husband and all my friends but you know what?  I’m also flipping grateful for my dishwasher and washer and dryer!  For consistent hot water in the shower.  That I have matching dishes and a full set of silverware.  That I have decent running shoes and a functional raincoat when I need it.  I lived for a long time in crappy New York walkups with 5 flights of rickety stairs, sleeping on futons and sweating with no AC.  I guess a lot of people do this in their twenties (when you can stand it, lol) but truly, every time I load the dishwasher I think, man I’m so glad I have this!  So I guess I’m grateful today for the quiet luxuries of day to day life.  I hope that doesn’t sound snotty, I just really mean that today, I’m focusing on gratitude for the small stuff, even though it’s things, it’s things I’m grateful to have!

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