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My love of graphic black and white photography just will not die, the more glam the better! Decor hint: even just one amazing black and white shot can make a dated room look fresh and new, and even a room full of traditional decor can get a pop of modern edge with a well-placed photograph. Give it a try, even if you don’t think it will work, stark black and white blends with just about everything, and it elevates the room for a touch of modern chic that is an easy way to freshen up your look!

While I am also a fan of artwork, I love collage and multimedia paintings, there’s something special about photography that really moves me. Maybe it’s the fact that a photograph captures a moment in time that really happened, and when you think about it, today with apps and Lightroom, as well as the wide array of cameras and photographic equipment available, but a photograph can begin as one thing, and through lenses, photography equipment, lenses, cameras and graphic apps and filters, at the end become completely another.

As an amateur photographer, I would never attempt to sell my services but I really love learning the hobby of photography. I live in New England and I love landscape photography, it’s totally different from my day job, and it gives me a great excuse to be out in nature. While I’m still not at all talented when taking the actual shots themselves, I do love all of the photography editing apps. Take a shot on a cloudy day? Boom, add a soft radial gradient to simulate sunshine. Too much bright sun? The dehaze brush can make your subjects more clear and visible.

From portrait to brand to nature photography, there’s something for everyone, and like most hobbies and professions, photography is a lifelong journey. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for graphic black and white photography, I love the gritty edge it gives to any decor, I’m a huge fan of all styles, and I have a deep appreciation for the whole photographic process. Photography as decor is easy to change out with the seasons or your mood, and the many inexpensive options for photo printing on canvas and framing make it easy for even an amateur photographer to display their work. What about you, what is your favorite photographic style? Do you use photography in decor?

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