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Grace Kelly glam.  I like glamorous things, clearly.  Lucite vanities, lush peonies, perfume bottles, zebra print, Hollywood Regency, and everything that goes with it.  I always think of Grace Kelly, who wasn’t necessarily glamorous, per se, I mean, she was more classic than anything, more Audrey Hepburn than Marilyn Monroe, if you get me, but for some reason, and maybe it’s the blonde hair, I just think of her as the pinnacle of glamour.  As I’ve stated before, I am less than glamorous.  Well, I mean, I can be, when I put my mind to it, I can rock false eyelashes (though on the daily I NEVER wear eye makeup at all, I have allergies (which is truly, truly NOT glamorous at all, in fact, it’s the exact opposite, you can bet Grace Kelly never had a box of tissues and a bottle of Claritin sitting on her nightstand) and I rub my eyes a lot, so unless I want to go around looking like a wrinkled raccoon or Carrie at the prom, mascara, eyeshadow and me are not friends.  But given the right occasion I can do the sexy cat eye, clip in the long blonde extensions and lip gloss it up, and I can be looking pretty damn fine out in the street.  But day to day, I feel like it’s just too much trouble and quite frankly, the older I get the less concerned I am with being, well, hot.  And I’m okay with that.

But once again, and I’m going to talk about blog, logo and website design here, if you have a web presence, you probably want it to look pretty darn fabulous.   The Internet is no place to skip eye makeup, if you feel me.  It’s a place where your identity or presence is on display every day, all day, and it should be looking perfect, no raccoon eyes or roots here, okay?  My logo design company and website design company, Little Blue Deer, can help touch up those roots.  I can design a custom logo, a blog header, or a website, that will keep you looking super fine.  My favorite style of our unique custom graphics are the glam ones, think hot pink watercolor, gold typography, a little sparkle, a little shine.  Little Blue Deer specializes in chic, unique and sophisticated and unique custom blog design, website design and logo design for interior designers and other creative professionals (and businesses!) and we are a best ecommerce solution for ecommerce website development for small shops and designers (currently offering Shopify customization), so let us design a shop, logo, custom blog or website just for you.  Remember, the Interwebs never sleep, so don’t be caught without your full face, okay?
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