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Going Green

Even if you’re not doing a Christmas tree (like myself, who has not had one for years), you can still bring the fresh greenery of a tree or garlands indoors year ’round.  Try hardy cacti or succulents in a sunny spot, an oversized print of any kind of greenery (no watering required!) or even a simple botanical-scented candle to add that fresh holiday touch to your home! 

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2 Responses

  1. It seems everyone lives somewhere warmer than I do! Being in Montana certainly has its perks, beauty and space being two, but it certainly gets frigid here in the winter. Sometimes I just hole up in my small home in the country and enjoy the warmth from the fire.
    I enjoyed your photos and the use of greenery. Quite creative and original. I’d like to hear your thoughts on your lack of Christmas tree, if you care to share.
    Thanks for sharing these fun photos.

    1. Hi Tana thanks so much for reading! There were tree needles all over our condo hallway today lol that is why I don’t have a tree! I really do love them but with 2 cats just do not have the energy always to clean up the needles and stuff and I get depressed in January anyway, taking down the tree is even more depressing! I love to enjoy other people’s trees though!

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