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Go high!  And by high I mean not just morally but how about some fabulously high ceilings as well?  Before I really started learning about interior design, I’d see a beautifully decorated room and think, “I can do that”.  And piece by piece I’d try to replicate the furniture or artwork in my own home, but it would never seem to come out quite right.  And then it hit me, so much of interior design is about the structure of a room itself.  It’s hard, in the United States, to replicate those gorgeous Scandinavian fireplaces or the intricate architectural detail of a Parisian atelier.  And the same can definitely be said about soaring ceilings, if you have a dropped plaster ceiling, there’s just no way that your room is going to look like one of these.  So in that case, we can dream, can’t we?  I don’t know about you but I’m loving these light-filled spaces and now I’m off to buy my lottery ticket!

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