Gemstone Colors, Meanings & Benefits

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Gemstone Colors, Meanings & Benefits

Are you looking for a perfect present for someone you love or do you just want to treat yourself to something nice to accompany your spring outfits, look no further than jewelry. A nice gemstone necklace or ring are suitable gifts for all occasions, but be careful what gem you choose. Every gemstone has a different meaning based on colors and various benefits based on their protective properties. To get more familiar with gems, here’s a little guide to gemstone colors, meaning and benefits. 


The most famous and precious of them all, diamonds are gems associated with the property to amplify the thoughts of its owners and boost the properties of other gems. In ancient times, people used diamonds for detoxification since they are believed to protect from poisoning. 


This green traditional stone is said to help with fertility, boost eyesight and provide its owner with the power of foresight. It is also believed it can alleviate the symptoms of insomnia and depression by promoting self-knowledge, peace, balance and patience. 


If you’re looking for a stone with very feminine vibes, amethyst and its gorgeous purple color will provide. However, this gentle-looking gem is said to bring various strong and masculine vibes like strength, courage and stoic peace to anyone who wears it. Amethyst has various soothing properties, quiet strength and energy, and spiritual and physical health benefits, so it’s a great accessory for anyone suffering from anxiety, addiction and mood changes. 


This stone of compassion can welcome good health and peaceful relationships into your life by balancing emotions and mind. People who wear Peridot jewelry report feelings of peace and happiness. Additionally, it is said that Peridot attracts love and rejuvenation into one’s life. It channels various positive vibes, but it is also known to decrease various negative feelings such as obsession, envy and guilt. According to this helpful article, people wearing this calming green gemstone on their neck or finger will allegedly be able to conquer any challenge and survive troubling times. 


Moonstone is a gem that comes in many variations from clear to white and rainbow-colored, but all of them are said to give their wearer balance, especially to women wearers. In the past, travelers relied on this gem for protection, but many other people also enjoyed its benefits and used it to ward off anxiety, depression and insomnia.  


No matter if yellow, brown or red, amber is believed by many to be a very powerful stone that can be used for treating depression and headaches and promoting creativity and self-expression. It also symbolizes cleansing and purification and it’s used for detoxification and pain relief so the wearer can heal. 


This is one of the most beautiful stones you can buy today, mostly due to its glittering color of the ocean. Aquamarine has many myths and legends connected to it, and it is said to relieve digestion issues, helps with eyesight and heals teeth problems. It’s the protective gem of sailors and many of them used to bring it to sea for good luck. According to many, the stone has positive vibes that can bring strength and happiness to the wearer. Some believe it also reduces the fear of water and can even help you rein in a wild lover. 

Rose quartz 

This lovely gemstone and its gentle pink hue are said to help ease the pain of heartbreak. Since it’s closely associated with love and heart, rose quartz is best worn on a chain around your neck so it can stay close to your heart. This way, it can help heal emotional wounds, boost the feeling of self-love and keep you open for new and positive love experiences. 

Surely, you can benefit from any one of these stones, you just need to pick the one you need and love the most and welcome its beauty and its mystical powers into your life. 



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