Floor Inspiration and the Condo that Got Away

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Floor Inspiration and the Condo that Got Away

flooring inspiration
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So, my original intent with this particular post and the awesome custom flooring inspiration was to share that we had bought a new condo and what flooring should I choose?  But alas, it was not to be!  I could write a whole entire blog on real estate woes (and quite frankly given the state of the nation at this moment real estate should really be the least of my issues and I’m grateful for luxury problems and I realize that).  But after over a year of searching we finally found a pretty much close to perfect condo (I live in South Florida, you don’t buy a house here, you buy a condo or co-op.  Like Geico says, “it’s what you do.”).  So, this baby was perfection (as close as you can get I guess): in our price range, super well-built, did not need a lot of work, and best of all, you guys, the view!.  The view was a spectacular, sweeping view of downtown Ft. Lauderdale, right on the river, close enough to wave to the boats as they cruised by.  Gorgeous!  So all last week I was already mentally decorating the new spot (does anyone else mentally redecorate?) and planning it all out.

But alas, due to a final hour contract clause, it simply was not to be, no fault of our own just one little thing that we couldn’t live with.  So I’ve been battling real estate disappointment this week, I had even taken to running past the condo, thinking of it as mine, giving it a little wave.  See what you get for doing that?!  Ha!  So we’re back to the real estate search though I’m somewhat inclined to just give the whole thing a rest and stay renting for awhile, things seem so up in the air here, a cabin in Vermont is actually kind of starting to look pretty good.  Thanks for listening to me ramble, if you have a real estate woe story of your own leave me a comment, I’d love to hear it, and have a wonderful Friday!

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