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I spend a lot of time thinking about design.  Design theory, graphics and placement, typography and visual elements.  It’s sort of a curse, when I drive down the street, I look at all of the signage everywhere, billboards, storefronts, menus, street signs, and I play a little game with myself where I try to identify the font and any other familiar elements.  It has become sort of like a game with me, I’ve gotten better and better, but it’s also annoying in a way, because I can’t just look at something and appreciate it for what it is, I have to break it apart and analyze it, piece by piece.  I was running the other day, down a very nice, exclusive street, probably the nicest in my city, and I noticed that someone had tacked up a hand-written sign that said “Logo Design $75.”  But it wasn’t even a printed sign, like that you’d get at Kinkos!  It was a piece of plastic, and someone had literally taken a magic marker and scrawled the words.  I’m sure it’s gone now, but I should have instagrammed it (though I don’t necessary want that kind of ish on my fee, it was pretty ugly!).  But I had to laugh.  The way this person chose to sell their services and represent themselves was just, well, it was horrible.  I would understand, if it was, say, a junk-hauling service, or even landscaping, but this guy was trying to sell logo design!  OMG!  I can’t tell you the number of times that I have had a great meal in a restaurant, or found a really darling shop tucked away, and then later gone to their website and it looks like crap.  It doesn’t at all mean that I will stop eating their food or buying their clothing, but if it was the reverse, and I had found the website or run across the business card BEFORE actually physically going to the business, well, I probably wouldn’t have gone at all.  So if you have a great service, and you know it’s good, make sure that all of your collateral: logo, website, blog, business cards, etc. clearly communicates your professionalism.  This guy with the sign on Las Olas Boulevard might be a great designer, but I will never give him a call to find out, and I doubt anyone else will either!

My logo design company , website development and website design company, Little Blue Deer, can really assist you in this area.    Little Blue Deer web design company offers website development, logo and business card design, and blog design for small shops and other businesses, we have designed for restaurants, dentists and doctors, really any service at all we will consider working with (that’s legal, of course!).  So don’t let a lack of great graphic design hold you back from gaining new clients, let us help you make sure that your product or services is represented just as well virtually as it is in person.
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