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Fête!  The Deer has been doing a lot of partying lately!  First, we went on a cruise, did I talk about that?  I’m not a big cruiser, cruises kind of gross me out, it’s a lot of people altogether and a lot of germs floating around like, it’s kind of ick, but yet fun if you know what I mean.  I guess like being in your favorite bar or club, you just don’t want to look too close but if you don’t, it’s all good.  The cruise was good, we ended up being at sea for almost 4 straight days because of the nor’easter so that was kind of a bummer, at one point I was pretty much ready to jump off the ship and practice my high school swim team skills lol!  And then this weekend we are headed up to Disney to meet my stepson and his family (did I mention I’m a trophy wife?  LOL I have a stepson who’s not much younger than me).  I’m not really a trophy wife though because if you follow my blog you know I’m pretty hardcore when it comes to work and I 100% pull my own weight in our household, but my husband is a weeeeeee bit older than me, ha!

Anyway, while I like traveling and having fun, I’m personally dying for a weekend at home, so I’m posting to try to get more in the party spirit, let’s hope it works!

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