Feathers + Owls + Stripes

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Feathers + Owls + Stripes

What do feathers and owls and loads and loads of stripes have in common?  They’re all super chic outside-the-box elements you could use to freshen up your bathroom decor this winter!  To me, the worst thing you can be is predictable, that’s why I’ve always shied away from classic bathroom decor (anything that reads “soap” “towels” or “linens” and heaven forbid some sort of clever bathroom typography art ha ha, I really like to shake things up a bit when it comes to le bain.  That’s why I was so taken with these clever touches.  Have some sort of piece of artwork that you can’t quite find a place for?  A classic porcelain piece can become a real attention-getter when placed on a traditional linen cabinet.  Alternately natural touches like pampas grass or feathers can give your bathroom that spa-like feel.  And lastly, I am digging these stripes, sharp, bold colors make a bathroom look edgy while giving a neat symmetry to an otherwise small space.

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