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Exceptional Part I




Exceptional.  What is exceptional?  I get excited about things every day that I see, I run about 36 miles per week and it gets a bit repetitive so one thing I like to do is to Instagram photos of vignettes and scenes that I run across that make me happy.  It could be a window display in a shop, a garden box, someone in an amazing outfit.  These things bring a smile to my face but really, are they truly exceptional?  I shop that way too, sometimes I just feel like buying something, it perks me up and I will go to the mall aimlessly and pick out a few things that I like.  But this isn’t really exceptional.  Exceptional is the Madison Avenue window display that makes you stop in your tracks (much to the chagrin of New Yorkers all around you) and gasp, and grab for your iPhone.  Exceptional is the meal that you could eat over and over, that is so sublime that you savor every bite.  Exceptional is the pair of shoes that take your breath away, that make your legs look longer, your feet look smaller, that make you feel like you are walking on air.  In my logo design company and website design company, Little Blue Deer, I try to work with this theory as well.  I will be honest, sometimes when I am designing a logo, blog or website, I am just not feeling it completely.  It could be the subject, or the website content, or just me, even artists get writer’s block (I think they call it artist’s block!).  And let me tell you, that just won’t do.  I do not rest until I believe that the design that I am submitting to the client, be it a first draft of a custom logo, a blog header, or the homepage of a website is perfect.  I want it to take my breath away, I want to get so excited that I want to show it to someone right away (even if it is just my cats).  This is just the way I work, I am a perfectionist and I want to my trademark unique custom graphics to be exceptional, too.  Little Blue Deer specializes in chic, unique and sophisticated and unique custom blog design, website design and logo design for interior designers and other creative professionals (and businesses!) and we are a best ecommerce solution for ecommerce website development for small shops and designers (currently offering Shopify customization), so let us design a shop, logo, custom blog or website just for you.
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