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Back to boho!  Pinterest has picked up its game lately, like in a big way.  When they introduced the new layout, my first inclination, except for the fact that I try not to mean tweet, was to be like, “Pinterest, 1999 called, they want their website back.”  I mean, ugh.  But, visuals aside (I don’t think anyone needs 25 pt. font, ever), the algorithm seems to be a million times better, my feed actually has things I want to repin in it, so I’m sharing them with you.  I also had some free time over the weekend and was playing around with some Photoshop tutorials, I rarely if ever do real photo editing, I take pics on my iphone and post them on my Instagram and of course just use the filters but you need real Photoshop editing (and of course to also be a real photographer lol) to get these photo effects.  But here’s a good tutorial if you’re at all interested in this look, have fun!



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