If you’re anything like me, you own more jeans than anything else.  I have, SO many jeans.  So many!  I’m the same with shoes, although I’ve issued a personal ban on shoe buying unless I’m in Europe, I’m no longer buying American shoes.  Not at all that I’m against things made in America, I LOVE buying American!  I would prefer to buy everything American!!  But let’s face it, most shoes you buy here are made overseas anyway.  But the shoes in Europe are so much cooler than American shoes, so I’m just bringing an extra suitcase on my travels and stocking up.  Jeans however are another story.  I’m not picky, I’ve straight up bought jeans at Walmart – for reals.  I’ve bought jeans that cost $10 and jeans that cost $350.  If they fit and look cool, I’m down.  Plus all I wear is jeans since I work from home so it’s a justifiable expense, right?  Anyway, these are some of my fave denim looks for fall – enjoy!

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