Okay, bacon on Friday, perfume today.  Well, you have to admit, they both smell amazing!  This particular perfume does, at least:  Roger & Gallet Jean Marie Farina Extra Vielle.  When I was in middle school, my mom went to Paris and brought me back these delicious soaps, and I’ve never forgotten the scent.  In fact, 25 years later, I still wear it!  Roger & Gallet is a French perfumier, and they have a whole variety of fragrances (see below), but the Extra Vielle is the absolute best.  It smells really fresh and citrus-y, without being, well, citrus-y (I’m not a big fan of citrus).  The Extra-Vielle sort of smells like soap, but spicy, and it’s a unisex scent.  Also, it is really reasonably priced.  Anyway, one reason I started my blog was to share really cool stuff with my readers, and trust me, this is deliciously cool stuff! 

Go to JC Penney (yep) for the Ronson “cold-shoulder” top,  and Target for the super-stylin’ leopard flats.  Then you’ll be fully ready to chill here: 

Check out French Essence for more fabulous French finds and photos!  Oui oui on the LBD!