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Deep + Dark

I’ve blogged a million times about my love for deep, dark rich colors, and while my preppy little heart has an undying love for navy, I find it super hard to wear and decorate with. For fashion, it’s really hard to pair, black shoes, sure but like, navy and jeans ends up looking washed out, and while I have a million navy and white striped shirts, when I put them on, I never end up liking the way it looks, living in the yachting capital of the world, I always look like I just stepped off a yacht which, I did not, lol. Too nautical!

Same with interiors, I love the idea of a deep, dark navy, almost black wall, but it seems like there are so many opportunities for clashing: what colors do you paint the other rooms? Do all the shades of blue match? Is it blue, or is it black (and yes I have been known to purchase black pants only to find that in the cold light of day, they’re in fact navy – ha ha thanks Off Fifth, I should know by now when I’m at the outlets, everything might not be what it seems in the store lol). So I just haven’t even attempted it, but in my opinion, these rooms pull off the deep, dark blue look to perfection. So what about you, have you braved navy blue? If so, I would so love to hear about it, leave me a comment below!

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