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Cut + Dried

Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry, me either, which is why I’m loving these gorgeous dried arrangements for spring! I’m also a pretty big fan of faux florals, but they’re tricky, and especially tricky online, if I’m using faux, I want it to look as realistic as possible, and it’s hard to find good florals that aren’t too bright or fake looking. Which is why dried is always such a great alternative! I love to dry flowers at home, my husband is really nice about giving flowers, and we have some beautiful farm florists here where I live in New England, so I’ve gotten into the habit of drying the arrangements by tying them with raffia and hanging them upside down. The only thing about this is they’re fragile, brush against one and there’s a shower of crushed and broken petals and leaves, which is why I also love the idea of professionally dried arrangements, they have that same natural look but are a bit more sturdy. So if you’re not good at bringing the real outdoors in, try dried for a fresh alternative!

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