Custom Blog Design Tips – How Do I Choose the Right Blog Designer?

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Custom Blog Design Tips – How Do I Choose the Right Blog Designer?

So, you’ve decided to invest in a custom blog design.  First of all, great choice!  I recently wrote a blog post about how the popularity of a blog really depends the most on content, its freshness and authenticity, rather than having a really fabulous blog design template, but having a professional blog designer design your blog initially is a really good choice.  Having a professionally-designed blog will help you get your blog off to a solid start.  First of all, a custom blog design will convey to readers that you are serious about blogging.  It will give you an immediate brand, which is an online presence that will stick with readers and help them remember who you are.  Also, in terms of blog functionality, it’s often better to have a professional blog designer who has been designing blogs for years and is familiar with Blogger and WordPress blog design templates get you set up.  They will know what plug-ins or widgets to install, how to set up your permalinks, how to correctly auto-size the photos that you post, and many other custom blog tweaks that will take your blog from average to outstanding.

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The number of custom blog designers is increasing daily, so how do you sort through them all to pick out the one that is right for you?  It should be noted that of course I am a professional blog designer, but let me tell you off the bat, I am not necessarily the right blog designer for everyone.  I let clients know immediately if I think that I am not the right designer for them, and point them in the direction of someone I think is better for them if I can.

The first thing I recommend when looking for a blog designer is to look through their blog design template portfolio.  This is probably the best indication of what a blog designer is going to be able to do for you.  It’s like window shopping, you go to the mall, you might not like every window display that you see, but some window displays (okay, for me its Anthropologie!) will really appeal to you.  Find a blog designer whose portfolio you like.  Also it’s good to see a large and varied portfolio, a good designer is going to be able to pull off a lot of different artistic styles, not just one.  Also, have realistic expectations.  I always tell my clients that I don’t expect to be able to get Prada at Target.  So take a look at the blog design portfolio, and expect that you will probably get a custom blog design similar to what they are showcasing.  So don’t go to a blog designer asking them for something that is way more complicated or detailed than what they are offering.  Like, going to Target and asking for Prada!


Check pricing.  This follows along with the same thread as above.  Many times, a client will send me a link from another blog designer.  I never copy but am glad to look at other design inspiration.  However, first check prices.  If you see a blog designed by another blog designer and she charges $2k for a blog design template, it would only make sense that a $250 blog design is not going to turn out like the more expensive option.  You can’t get a Ferrari out of a Ford, either.  Most of this is just common sense, but it’s a really good rule of thumb when looking for custom blog design or custom website design.  I really love helping clients figure out what they need, so if you are considering a custom blog design and want to know if I may be the right designer for you, check out this page or drop me a line, even if we are not the right choice for you I will try to help you determine what the best fit for you may be!



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