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Living in south Florida, I have a sad, neglected boot collection.  And I mean, it’s a fab collection!  Shiny black patent Hunters, gold-zippered riding boots, tiny little kitten-heeled black suede booties, I probably have like 10 pairs.  And they get worn a few times a year, when I go to Boston, but even then, it’s always a fight who gets to go (one can only pack so many boots into a suitcase, especially if you’re trying to stuff them into a carryon) so there’s always a bunch of pairs that get left behind – it’s usually the utilitarian Hunters and snow boots that make it because duh, Boston in December.  So for winter shoe styles, my big transition is from sandals to flats.  Flats and cropped pants are the perfect Florida winter uniform, only tourists wear sandals down here in the winter (even though you can) so chic little flats with cropped jeans or khakis are the perfect fall and winter look.  I wear them almost every day, and I’m sharing some of my fave inspiration here – for the rest of the country where it’s actually seasonal, this is a fab look you can wear today.  And here’s my tip, instead of buying brand-new crops, this is a perfect time to go through your closet and dig out all of those pants and jeans you never wear anymore.  A few snips with the scissors (you can fray with a razor blade and a few washes for hems on jeans) or a quick trip to the local alteration shop and voila: seasonal, stylish crops.  And now you get to go shoe shopping!!

{ photo sources: 1/2/3 }

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