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A credenza is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. First of all, it’s so flexible, you can use almost anything, it’s a perfect spot for a vintage or pre-owned pick, it doesn’t necessarily have to match your living room suite, only complement it, and it’s really a blank canvas for all of your odds and ends: television, photos, accent pieces, etc. Which makes it super simple to switch around and update for a fresh new seasonal look without a huge investment.

A credenza is a great spot for a gallery wall, to display your collection of plants or flowers, to showcase travel souvenirs and keepsakes, the list goes on. Our current living room credenza, believe it or not, is actually a dresser from a teenager bedroom suite, it’s a little smaller than a full-size credenza so it fits perfectly in our little alcove, and it’s really an offbeat piece, people love it and comment on it all the time. So you can think outside the box when it comes to this wonderful accent piece, do you guys use credenzas, or do you do an entertainment center? Are you lucky enough to have a fireplace and mantel as your living space focal point? I love to hear all your interior tips and tricks, feel free to share below!

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