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Christmas Everyday

Is the day after Christmas not the saddest day of the year? All of the buildup and excitement is over, the gifts are unwrapped, the food is eaten (too much food, if you’re anything like me!), the decorations just don’t seem to shine as brightly on December 26 as they do on December 25! Since we’ll be living up north for part of the winter, I’ve been busy looking at ways to extend the Christmas spirit through the long, dark winter days ahead! I think the blatant red and green has to go, but fresh greenery (if you have access to it, I have a friend in New Hampshire who keeps clippers at the ready in her car!), tiny fairy lights, lanterns, candles, star garlands and faux fur are all holiday elements that are a little less than seasonal and can safely stay through the winter months without looking like you’re just a lazy person who can’t be bothered to put away your Christmas, ha!

I plan to head down to Homegoods a day or two after Christmas to find what they have on sale and see if I get some of this toasty Scandinavian look going on in my own home, to cheer up the long, dark, cold days ahead!

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