The Deer received a lovely email last week from Hope at The French Mouse, and I wanted to share it with you:
There is an orphanage in Honduras that is home to 40 children who have been rescued from conditions varying from surviving hand to mouth in the garbage dumps to the truly horrifying reality of child prostitution and slavery. Casa Hogar provides love, education and safety to these children, but everyday they face the reality that those children are constantly in danger of literally being kidnapped from the orphanage and put right back into the sex industry. So to keep those children safe they need a security wall that will cost $65 000 and will completely encircle the 6.75 acre country property. They also have future plans to expand the house so they can open the doors to even more children. 

I want to raise $15 000 to help them reach their goal and get construction under way. I know that people are constantly bombarded by worthy causes asking for support and regular donations, but what I want to help people understand is that even a small one-time donation can make a huge difference if lots of people get together and act! I’ve set up a fund at the online donation website Go Fund Me so that with a few clicks of the mouse bloggers and their readers can take just a few minutes out of their day and donate a couple of dollars, and if enough people take that little bit of effort we can come up with something substantial to help some children who desperately need it!

If you wish to help Hope raise money to assist these innocent children, go here!