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snakeskin pillows
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gold flatware
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gray and ikat inspiration board
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Snakeskin pillows, perfectly placed tassels, gold flatware and natural fibers.  All these elements add up to perfectly curated vignettes and tablescapes.  Attention to detail is key in interior design, where less is often more.  And the less design elements there are, the more exceptional they should be.  Curating the perfect vignette isn’t hard if you follow a few basic design rules.

  1.  Mixing materials:  It’s fab to mix patterns, colors and textures, like in pillows or placemats and napkins, but keep one uniform element.  For example, the top photo works because even though there’s a lot going on (snakeskin, ikat, harlequin and tassels), they’re all in the same color family so it looks neat and cohesive.  So if you’re going to different colors, keep the patterns to a minimum, or stick to the same texture family.
  2. Choose one element to shine:  I’m loving this place setting, what makes it special is the gold flatware.  With the neutral colors and rough texture (love the string flatware ties!), the gold pulls the whole setting together and makes it pop!
  3. Pay attention to textures:  In our house, I have flokati, velvet, ikat, trellis, and even sequins!, all in one small space.  The variety of patterns works because I stick to the same color family (in this case, turquoise, beige and white).  What could otherwise be boring and drab is livened up by a liberal dose of varying textures.

Want a blog designer with an interior design eye?  I love interior design, it’s one of my passions and I’m delighted to translate my eye for and knowledge of interiors to your custom blog design or custom website design!  So if you’re an interior designer looking to establish (or reestablish) a chic, unique space on the web, pop over to our Services page and see what we can do for you!

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