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California Design Den Dreaming

So the super nice folks over at California Design Den were kind enough to offer to send me a gorgeous set of king-sized sheets to enjoy, and omg, they were everything I’d hoped for and more!

If you know me at all, I am a terrible sleeper and I’m also kind of a clean freak, so I need lots of sheets, plus we have 2 cats and yes, they enjoy sleeping with us, so I really love white because I can throw them in the washer with bleach and they come out pristine.

I have all kinds of requirements for sleeping (king size bed, good mattress, fan, total darkness, etc.) but high quality sheets are high on my list of priorities. The good folks at California Design Den create their sheets using pure, superfine compact cotton yarns, paired with eco-friendly dyes and finishing materials. They’re also not mass-manufactured, they have skilled artisans who stitch them by hand and each sheet is inspected before they leave the facility (which is a LEED v4 gold facility, certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, the first of its kind in India and the second of its kind worldwide).

The sheets come with a handy little list of tips I never even knew like to take your sheets out of the dryer immediately because over-drying makes them rough (and trust me these are silky-smooth!) and to store your sheet sets inside one of the pillowcases.

I usually hold off on my white sheets till spring but I’ll be enjoying these amazingly soft and gorgeous sheets year-round! If you want some gorgeous high-quality cotton sheets of your very own, you can visit their site or you can also order them from Amazon here!



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