I am so excited to be participating in the lovely Miss Marsha from Splenderosa’s “By Invitation Only” party!  We are supposed to imagine a fantasy dinner, and we can wear what we want, invite who we want, and hold it where we want!  I think I cheated a little bit by choosing the entire cast of The Royal Tennenbaums (in character, s’il vous plait!).  Except Ben Stiller, he can be out of character, I want him to come as Gaylord Focker!  You know I’m just a little eclectic and this cast totally suits me!  I would totally rock a leather dress, and we would have dinner at one of my favorite Brooklyn bistros, Al Di La on Fifth Ave.  Frisee salad with lardons, to die!  No doubt, it would be a memorable evening, peregrine falcon and all!