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Soooo, we’re moving!  Did I share that already?  At long last we bought a condo here (and I have like a million other posts on the great condo search lol, it was kind of a nightmare but all’s well that ends well, right?).  Anyway, while new and gorgeous with a million dollar view of Miami (and this is not a million dollar condo trust me), it’s a little smaller, storage-wise, than what we have now.  So I’m on the hunt for attractive open storage options because right now we have none.  So I pinned some cute bookshelf options, I sadly got rid of almost all of my books, I mean, we downsized, and I just had to.  Sometimes I have a pang for all the books I let get away, but there’s also something surprisingly freeing about having everything digital, I use Overdrive on my ipad to read two or three library books a week and then when I want to splurge I use the Kindle, so we’re down to like maybe 5 or 10 books in the whole house (kind of an impressive feat for an English major lol).  But I love the idea of an unusual bookshelf for displaying odds and ends, like these ones.  The last photo is actually a DIY bookshelf from, she has some amazing projects on there, I’m impressed to say the least!   I doubt I’ll be hacking away but I’m always so impressed by stuff like this, get it girl!

NYC ladies, I’d love to hear your tips and resources on small space storage options, we’re going to need them!

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