I have a big thing about decorating with books, I used to have tons more, but even now our bookshelves are overflowing.  The cool thing about books, though, is that they don’t necessarily have to stay on shelves in order to have a big impact.  I’ve been using books to decorate with forever, I’ve even been known to scrounge through people’s trash (I think today they call it freecycling, but let’s face it, dumpster diving is dumpster diving, no two ways about it) if I spot some hardcovers in the bin.  I have these sitting on a table in the bedroom…

 So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I ran across this, in the Wall Street Journal: (photo credits below Rebecca McAlpin for the Wall Street Journal)
Ha ha, everyone who is anyone knows that to have a truly cool room, you have to have a Diptyque candle sitting on a stack of books!  Seriously, though, I was really psyched to discover that designer Ryan Korban and I had the same idea (probably the one and only time that will ever happen, the rest of the time, I’ll be copying him).  Anyway, check out this fabulous article and slideshow from wsj.com, and some of the other shots from the rest of his apartment, below: