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I’m so excited to be featured today as a #BossBabe over at Bring Your Own Kombucha!  I did a custom blog design for Erica a few months ago, and she is the perfect example of what a blogger should do with a new blog design.  Her blog was originally at wordpress.com, but she wanted to upgrade to a self-hosted WordPress account and incorporate a brand new blog design that was more reflective of her #BossBabe personality.

I’m pretty sure she’s an attorney by trade, but like most lawyers, clearly has a super creative side as well as being assertive (I’m proud to be featured in the company of Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential, she’s a “big girl blogger” lol and Erica just reached right out and grabbed her for an interview!)   She’s also a huge fan of kombucha which I have yet to give a go, but she’s super obsessed with health and wellness and a lot of her blog focuses on wellness tips and the benefits of the booch!  But mainly, I respect her because she took the bull by the horns, once we got her custom blog design up and running, she linked up all her social media and started publicizing the blog right away.  She also hit the ground running with interesting, informative posts and started her #BossBabe series about female blog bosses, and she’s super active on instagram too.  She’s already gotten a ton of followers and visits, when people ask me about SEO and how to get their blog up and running, this is exactly how you do it.  It’s not so much about the design as it is the content, and Erica is the perfect example of someone who utilizes her blog and is certain to be a big blog splash!  Thank you Erica!

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