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We will design a custom theme just for you, work with you to tweak the design, and install it on your blog.   To start, simply choose your package (self-hosted WordPress only) below, and click on the Book Now button. This will direct you to our inspiration form where you can indicate your color and style preferences, link to Pinterest boards, and include any other notes or information, as well as submit our requested 50% deposit. We specialize in working with brand-new bloggers and do not require you to have any existing content to start.  This is a basic informational blog, meant to serve as an affordable, chic and attractive representation of you and your brand.
We work quickly, but please check our current waitlist before proceeding. For more information including how it works and add-ons, please see below, and please take a moment to review our terms and conditions.

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How It Works

Simply click on the booking button below. This will direct you to our Inspiration Form, so you can share the look, feel and style that you want for your blog. Clicking the submit button on the form will submit your inspiration form and redirect you to Paypal to complete the required 50% deposit. Any requested add-ons will be billed with the final invoice upon completion of your blog design. We will confirm receipt of your form, and will get started in accordance with order of receipt and our current waitlist.

Please keep in mind a blog design consists of your blog posts on the homepage and a static About and Contact page.  If you are interested in something more please feel free to view our Website Design package here.

  • Custom Blog Header
  • Custom Background
  • Matching Sidebar Design
  • Custom Navigation Bar Design
  • Navigation Menu Dropdown coordination
  • Matching Button Coordination
  • Matching fonts
  • Matching Social Media Icons
  • Favicon
  • 2 or 3 Column Layout
  • Coordinated Links and Post Title
  • Search Box
  • Welcome or About Sidebar Graphic
  • WordPress Divi theme installation
  • Static “About” and “Contact” page setup
  • Transfer Blogger or to self-hosted WordPress NOT included please see Terms and Conditions here
1. Waitlist

Upon receipt of your deposit, we will assign you a spot on our wait list.  Please view current wait time before completing deposit.  It generally takes 1 to 2 months to complete a site design.

1. Waitlist

Upon receipt of your deposit, we will assign you a spot on our wait list.  Please view current wait time before completing deposit.  It generally takes 1 to 2 months to complete a site design.

2. Domain + Hosting

Please be aware that to run a blog on (self-hosted WordPress), you will need to purchase a domain name and hosting prior to us beginning work on your blog.  The following provider offers One Click WordPress Installation and is used and recommended by Little Blue Deer (note: I am a Bluehost hosting affiliate and will receive a commission on your Bluehost purchase):
We do recommend that your purchase site lock and site backup add-ons as we are not responsible for back-ups or malware removal.
*If you are interested in exploring ongoing blog maintenance options including automated backups and enhanced site security, please visit our friends at iMark Interactive, offering a variety of continuous WordPress support!

3. Design Inspiration

Share your color and style preferences etc. with us.  Upon completion of your deposit, payable above, you will be automatically directed to our blog design inspiration form, so that we can get a feel for the type of blog that you want.  You may also go directly here to complete the inspiration form:  WordPress inspiration form

4. Timeline

You can expect a blog draft by the end of your assigned week, and have your blog installed thereafter, dependent upon revisions.  These times are approximate; we do not guarantee them, but your blog is as important to us as it is to you, and we try to work as quickly as we can.

5. Design Revisions

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHARGE FOR EXCESSIVE REVISIONS.  Our hourly rate is $100 per hour.  Custom blogs and the necessary revisions take approximately 5-7 hours to complete.  If you wish for revisions beyond the allotted amount of time you will be charged at an hourly rate (which will be pro-rated).   We require a 50% deposit to start work on your blog.  This deposit is non-refundable, it takes lots of time to create the initial design proofs, hence the deposit.  The remaining balance must be paid after the blog is installed.  Outstanding balances after 30 days will be referred to attorney and professional collection action will be taken.

6. Additional Branding

When the blog design is complete and installed, we will be happy to provide a matching Facebook page header and/or Twitter background and profile pic for $25 each.  We do reserve the right to charge a progress payment if your blog takes longer than 1 to 2 months  to complete.  This payment will only be requested if the delay is on your end, which we completely understand, you’ve got a lot going on!  This is not in addition to the design fee, it will just be a fraction of your final payment, generally 1/4.

7. Maintenance

Keep in mind that we are designers. Our site updates are limited to custom graphics created by Little Blue Deer.  If you wish for other types of maintenance service, we will gladly include our preferred maintenance referrals.  We will be happy to provide a zip file of your custom graphics free of charge.  Please read more about our maintenance policy by clicking on “Terms and Conditions” below.

8. Terms + Conditions

Please take a moment to review our  Terms and Conditions here.  By submitting a deposit, you are acknowledging and agreeing to our terms and conditions.  Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time.  

Pertinent Details

I offer semi-custom blog and site design.  After working with clients for almost 15 years, I have established some parameters for working together, and I will only accept clients who fully understand these limitations.

I prefer to work with new bloggers however I will happily consider your blog design if you do not have a large number of posts.  The more posts you have, the more issues are likely to result from a theme change.  I expect you to be prepared for this.

Please understand that the bulk of a blog design expense results from my graphic design expertise.  I am an artist, and I want your blog to be beautiful.

That said, I use the Divi theme (a wonderful and reasonably priced alternative to Showit).  So do not ask for functionality customizations.   Even if it seems like a small customization, there may be a lot to it.  Please use my portfolios for style references.  Expect to hear (a very nice and respectful) “no” if you ask for these things.  I take your blog seriously and it’s important that you manage your expectations for a happy design experience.

Please do not send me a major influencer’s blog and expect yours to look like that.  Blogs cost many thousands of dollars (truly, $20k is a good solid number for reference).  Our blog package is $500 so please do the math.  Please manage your expectations.  If you cannot do this, do not order a design package.

I work part-time.  Please gather all of your thoughts into a few cohesive emails and do not send multiple emails and random thoughts.  I work very fast but please do not expect to hear back from me outside of regular work hours and definitely not on weekends.

Do not request a phone call or text.  We communicate only via email.  Do not even ask, the answer is no.

If you are a laid back and chill creative with a positive and serene vibe, we will work fabulously together!  If you are uptight, anxious, nitpicky or demanding, I don’t want to work with you.  I value my time as well as yours and have hundreds of happy clients, so let’s make sure we’re on the same page and get started today!


Optional Add-ons

Optional add-ons including matching social media graphics, hovering Pin It button, social sharing icons, optin popups and more available on order form.

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