Beauty + Blog Design Tips: E.L.F. Contouring

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Beauty + Blog Design Tips: E.L.F. Contouring

So, I’m excited to share that I’m starting a new series here at Little Blue Deer!  Beauty + Blog Design tips, and it includes…  are you ready?!  Video!  I’ve long been meaning to add video to my blogging repertoire, I actually talk a little bit in the video about YouTube and how important video is for SEO and blog traffic.  I personally don’t have a lot of time or patience for videos but I guess people do because vlogging is certainly popular!  So I’m introducing the first set in the series, How to Contour using the E.L.F. palette.

I noticed a few months ago I was getting a little bit of text neck and have a little bit of sag to my jawline (now that’s new!) and 2 visits a month to the med spa is not in the cards at the moment – too much going on!  So I started searching around for contouring tips to add a little bit of definition to my face.  I never like to splash out on big department store purchases when trying something new so I tested out the E.L.F. palette, I think I paid about $9 for it at Walgreen’s but you can get it for $6 from Walmart.  And I’m really happy with it!  So check out the video to see exactly what I did.  Sometimes you have to cheat a little bit between regular visits to the med spa, of course using a Dermal Repair Complex regularly, along with cleansing, moisturizing and eating right and getting enough sleep are all better ways to improve your skin texture than just makeup, but sometimes I get too busy to take proper care of my skin.  That’s where a few makeup tips can really save the day!

The other point I wanted to make with these videos is that you don’t have to be perfect to start a blog or make a video.  I did this one in my living room because the light is better, there’s nothing professional about it, it’s just me sitting on the sofa putting on makeup.  No special lighting, sound effects, etc.  But I think the key to blogging is authenticity.  I personally would much rather see a real person being her true self versus something super fake and overly processed.  So, what you see is what you get!  Enjoy the video, and you can also shop all of the products I use below as well.  All I know is, after I tried the contouring, someone asked me if I was pregnant, which I took as a total compliment!  I’m glad to answer any questions about it too, just leave a comment below!


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