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Back to School Shop Your Closet

It’s back to school szn!  While it’s been many, many years since I’ve been in school (did I say many?!) ha ha but I still get excited when the back to school ads come on television (and who remembers the giant issues of Vogue in August and September, chock a block full of gorgeous fall-inspired outfits? Unattainable though most of them were (both in price and my ability to wear a size 0 ha ha) but I still get in the back to school shopping spirit!  Times are tough this year, don’t I know it, and your wallet might not be as fat as it was this time last year, if you can’t necessarily justify anything new, try shopping your own closet.  I’ve always loved the look of artfully displayed shoes and jackets in more public parts of the house, try taking all of your clothes out and picking a few items you really love and that match existing parts of your decor.  Your favorite leather jacket, thoughtfully draped across an entry chair or sofa arm, can give both your wardrobe and decor a whole new look!

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