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Autumn Inspo

Just a little fall-flavored inspo to get this first weekend in October started off right! I’m feeling all dark, cozy and fall-y lately, if you haven’t noticed from my posts, probably because for the first time in ages I’m actually IN a place that has fall. Even when I lived in Atlanta it was hot, hot, hot come October, and you most definitely would not smell woodsmoke which I did this morning! I don’t think I’ve taken a day off of running since I’ve been in Vermont (which, my hamstring will tell you, it huuurts). But I so look forward to getting out and enjoying all of the beautiful views, I can’t stand to stay inside.

We’re off to an Oktoberfest and fall foliage parade (truly, you can’t get more Basic), if you have good weekend plans, or are just planning to stay in and relax which I wholeheartedly support, I’d love to hear about them!

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