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Art. Work.  Isn’t it awesome when you can make your art, your work?  Most of the websites I design are for interior designers and other creative professionals, and I have so much respect for them.  Honestly, I did not realize how much work went  into interior design, it’s more than just going to Home Goods and picking out some nice antlers or a mounted piece of coral that’s a total one-off.  I can’t even imagine working with contractors , especially on kitchens and baths, and its big money, too, I mean, a mistake on a build-out can be very costly as I understand it.  I think it is so cool when you can make a career out of being artistic.  I always have been an artist, when I was in 4th grade boys used to pay me to draw Lamborghinis for them (and I’m delighted to say that that is the last time I’ve gotten paid from the boys for my services  ;).  But I didn’t really know what to do with it, realistically, until I started working in website design.  It’s so cool to be able to bring other people’s ideas to life on the web, and its so much fun to work with other creatives, I get so many awesome ideas from my clients!  And I really do have so much respect for all of you design professionals out there who have figured out a way to use your God-given eye for design and artistic talent to make a buck.

My logo design company and website design company, Little Blue Deer, can help you create a really fabulous website to help you grow your business.  And we can bring your creative ideas to life.  If you are an interior designer and have some absolutely smashing photos, I know intuitively to draw the design in, let the graphics be minimal, as accents rather than the main focus of the site so that your work can shine.  If you are just starting out, we can push the graphics more, and give you a really great brand that shows off your aesthetic, even if you have little in the way of work to show (after you have your website designed, you definitely will!  Little Blue Deer web design company offers website development for small shops and designers, so let us design a logo, custom blog or website just for you.  It is my goal to make every site unique and to bring out the absolute best in your business!

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