Don’t you just love vanities (the furniture kind, I mean). I always dreamt of having a vanity of my very own, but alas, it was a luxury that never came to pass. Until last year, when my grandma moved out of her longtime home and bequeathed us her Heywood Wakefield lookalike bedroom set. It is fabulously Deco, and in near-perfect condition. I will be going further in depth about Heywood Wakefield and its history in the near future, but for right now, check out this gorgeous vanity! All I have done is recover the original seat cushion (which was green burlap) with a satin animal-print fabric, I’m sure I’ll change it out again, as it was so easy to do. And, speaking of vanities, “All is Vanity” by Christina Schwartz (photo credit is a diabolical send-up of social ambitions run hilariously amok.