All is Calm…

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All is Calm…


Wow what a week.  This has been a super stressful week for everyone who lives in Florida, Hurricane Matthew was no joke.  I’m feeling incredibly grateful and fortunate that the hurricane did not make landfall in south Florida, so me and all of my loved ones here were spared but the preparation was a little nuts.  If you’ve never been through a big storm prep, it’s no fun:  long lines for gas, markets cleared out (here’s a fun fact – everyone is gluten-free until the hurricane comes! ;), people are snippy, scared and on edge.  Fortunately we evacuated and the storm missed us but the whole thing was time-consuming and stressful, I went out with some friends last night and everyone was still on edge.  But not so much for northern Florida and my old hometown, Savannah, it looks really bad there with flooding.  I cannot even fathom flooding, losing your possessions (I know it’s just stuff, but still, “stuff” has sentimental value, if you’re a blog reader you probably love interior design as much as I do and you know all of the time and effort that goes into creating a liveable and beautiful home), and it’s heartbreaking.  So I’m praying for everyone in the path of the storm and posting a calm and beautiful inspiration board for good and peaceful karma.

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