How to Add a Signature to Gmail

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How to Add a Signature to Gmail

A custom email signature is great way to help your emails stand out and look more professional, not to mention extending your branding every time you communicate with a potential client.  Adding an email signature in Gmail is super easy to do.  Today I’m going to show you the easy steps to add a custom signature to your Gmail.  Feel free to watch the video or continue to scroll down for step by step instructions.

Step 1:

First, click on the Gear icon in the upper right corner of your Gmail inbox.  Then click on Settings in the dropdown.

Step 2:
Scroll down to the Signature area, and in the text box, click on the image icon.

Step 3:

Click on the Upload link and then click on the blue box that says “Select a file from your computer.”  Just upload the image you want to use as your signature (Little Blue Deer offers custom email signatures to match your brand so be sure to select this as an add-on to your custom blog design, website design or logo design package!).

Step 4:

Gmail allows you to select the size of your signature image.  So just click your mouse on the image, and the sizing box will appear.  You can select Small, Medium, Large or Original Size.  It’s better to upload a slightly larger image than you need and make it smaller.  Additionally, I do not recommend adding any text to the custom signature image, but rather using the Text Editor in the signature box to add your own contact information and links.  Small text in an image can appear pixelated and unclear, so I choose to just use a mini version of my logo and then type in my contact information.  This Text Editor is just like any email text, you can add links, change size of text, bold or italicize your contact text.

Step 5:

To save your signature scroll down to the bottom of the Settings window and click Save Changes.  That’s it!  You now have a custom signature in Gmail!

If you do not use Gmail as your email client (and if not, why not?!), you can always Google “How do I add an email signature to Outlook?” (or Yahoo, or Hotmail, etc. though not all email clients offer the option to use a custom signature.  If your email client requires that you have an image already uploaded and to insert the link, you can always upload your signature image to your blog or website and copy the link from there.  That way your signature image is hosted by your own blog or website.  Any questions feel free to drop a comment below, thanks for reading!

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