I love DIY.  DIY blogs are my faves, magazine layouts are nice and all, but I get totally inspired seeing what other regular people (like myself) have done to feather their nests.  So, this is the first of many DIY-esque projects I hope to feature here on LBD. I did this one using Picasa.  It’s a really cool Google program that has a ton of photo editing and storage capabilities.  To use it, all you need is a Gmail account (which everyone should have anyway – Google is where it’s at!).  One of its most awesome features is the collage maker, it is fabulous!  I used it for a work project, and I was so impressed with it that of course I had to incorporate it into my decor:
To create these amazing collages, I simply uploaded a bunch of photos into my Picasa account (I chose mine based on themes, and chose complementary colors and photo styles).  You can make your collage as simple or busy as you choose, it just depends on the number of photos you upload.  I saved the collage as a jpeg, then resized it to 24×36.  Then, my zip drive and I headed over to the Impress department of our local Office Max, and I had them print out my collages on semi-gloss photo paper.  I chose 24×36 because it is a standard poster size.  Next, I headed over to Hobby Lobby, where I scored these amazing distressed silver poster frames for 50% off (wait till they have a sale – Hobby Lobby rotates sale items weekly).  So cool, and the whole thing only cost me about $50 per collage, which isn’t bad for a wall full of art!  Here are the collage files, too: