6 Home Repairs to Ensure Your Older Parents Have a Comfortable Winter

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6 Home Repairs to Ensure Your Older Parents Have a Comfortable Winter

Although the winter season brings some of the most anticipated holidays and is generally a magical time of the year, it can also bring harsh, frosty weather. As a result, it is critical to complete some home improvement projects before the colder months arrive. Furthermore, because the winter season is ideal for family gatherings, you may want to plan some home repairs in your elderly parents’ house. On the other hand, if your parents decide one day to sell it, fixing most of the issues might just be enough. In this case, they might be interested in this guide on selling a house with foundation issues.

Below, you will find a list of several home modifications that will ensure your aging parents have a warm and comfortable winter season. They range from repairing the garage door, adding more insulation to the house, and installing a smart thermostat to replacing the flooring, dealing with leaks, and upgrading the lighting. Continue reading to ensure that your parents spend this winter comfortably.

Repair the Garage Door

Remember how annoying it was when you couldn’t get the garage door to open? While it may seem like a minor issue, it can really impact your day-to-day life. Not only is it a hassle to have to manually open and close the garage door every time you need to leave or enter your house, but having a faulty garage door may also be a security risk.

Because of this, you should ensure that the garage door is in good working condition before winter arrives. To do so, you should mainly focus on these areas:

  • tracks
  • hinges
  • sensors
  • springs

In addition to these areas, take a look at the door itself. The most common issues include dents and cracks. If you notice any of these issues, make sure to call a repair professional to take a look at the garage door. If they find that the problem is more serious than expected, you should consider getting new garage doors. However, keep in mind that it may be a costly project.

Add More Insulation to the House

If your parents’ home lacks insulation, they will most likely not enjoy spending winter in their house. You can address this issue by installing additional insulation in your parents’ attic. Doing this will keep the heat in your parents’ home. Besides, it’s also beneficial for their wallet because it will help reduce their energy bills.

You can also add insulation in other parts of your parents’ home. For example, you can add insulation in the walls and underneath the floorboards. To install insulation underneath the floors, you can lay out an additional layer of plywood on top of the existing floorboards. You can also lay down insulation in between your parents’ walls by inserting expanding foam or bubble wrap between their walls.

Adding insulation under your parents’ floors and between their walls will help keep their feet warm during winter and cool during summer. Keep in mind that adding insulation is not an easy project; it requires planning and experience on your part. If you are unsure how to add insulation on your own, then ask for some guidance from a friend or family member who has experience with this kind of project.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat may sound like a complex project, but it can make your parents’ lives easier during winter. Not only will it help them save money on heating costs throughout the year, but it will also make it easier for them to adjust the temperature in their home without having to get up from their beds or seats. A smart thermostat is also ideal for older people because it’s relatively easy to use.

Install LED Lights

LED lights can help your parents save a ton of money on their electricity bills. Although they are more expensive than regular bulbs, they don’t burn out as quickly, which means that your parents will be able to use them for longer before they need to change them. You can install LED lights in several areas of your parents’ home, but you should start with the room where they spend most of their time. 

For example, you can install LED lights in your parents’ bedroom so they can read during those long winter nights before going to sleep. Apart from installing LED lights in your parents’ bedroom, you can also install them in other rooms, such as the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. This way, your parents can save money on electricity while also getting better lighting in different areas of their home.

Fix the Leaks

If your parents’ home has a leak, they will have to spend more cash on heating costs in winter. To avoid wasting money on heating costs, you should repair any leaks in the house. For instance, you can take care of any water damage or cracks in the walls or floors. You can also repair leaks in the roof by replacing the old roof with a new one. Placing a new roof on top of your parents’ house will keep them warm during winter and cool during summer.

Replace the Flooring

As your parents get older, they may start experiencing pain in their feet due to hard surfaces such as concrete or hardwood. In such a situation, they may even find it challenging to move around the house.

To make their house a more comfortable place for the upcoming winter, you should consider replacing the flooring with something softer. For example, you can replace their hardwood flooring with carpeting. If you want to protect their feet even more during the winter, you can also place a few extra rugs in the living room or invest in heated flooring.

In Conclusion

Winter is a magical time of the year that brings family and friends closer together. However, it can also be a harsh season because of the cold weather. As a result, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions before the colder months arrive.

Try doing some of the home renovation projects we mentioned earlier. All of them can help you prepare your parents’ house for the winter and ensure that the time you spend together will be a good one. This way, you will have a better chance of enjoying your winter holiday with your parents and help them feel more comfortable throughout the season.

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