4 Great Ways to Use Flokati

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4 Great Ways to Use Flokati

4 Great Ways to Use Flokati

4 Great Ways to Use Flokati

4 Great Ways to Use Flokati

4 Great Ways to Use Flokati

So, ever since I discovered these fabulous Safavieh faux flokati throws last year during a Thanksgiving emergency (I needed something to cover up a, um, bad spot, on the ottoman fast), I’ve been all about some flokati.  Actually my little flokati obsession started long before that, I came of age during the design days of flokati, Louis ghost chairs, ikat everywhere, greek key, Scalamandre and the like, so it’s not like it’s something new.  I didn’t think flokati would work in my modern, coastal apartment, but it totally did and now I’m kind of obsessed with snapping these up.  So I was thinking about some great (also easy and inexpensive) ways to use flokati and wanted to share them with you.

  1.  Break up white.  A flokati or sheepskin throw breaks up and all white roomscape by giving it added texture and dimension.  The key to all-white decorating is a mix of texture and pattern, and tossing a flokati throw in the mix gives a bold punch to an otherwise boring sofa.
  2. Toss it on a chair.  This is an old trick and you often see it over Tolix or ghost chairs, but it can really work on almost any dining chair, you can do a throw over all chairs, or just a few, we currently have a cheap (long story, storage, antique upholstery, cats, yadda yadda) dining set, and flokati throws really zhush up the look.
  3. Use it as a coverlet.  You can use a faux flokati or sheepskin rug as a comforter or bed cover.  They’re actually often less expensive than a full duvet set, and they look warm on toasty on a winter night.  The only thing, you don’t actually want to sit or lay on it (I know, kind of an issue because it’s a bed) because that will flatten the fibers, so best to pull it up when you make the bed and then fold it back at night for sleeping.  I shake mine out frequently and also use a wire hairbrush to gently fluff up the fibers periodically.
  4. Cover up flaws!  My personal favorite – a small flokati throw tossed artfully over a worn spot on a sofa, chair or ottoman is a super chic way to hide flaws (stains, cat damage, worn spots) and it looks super sophisticated too.  The cool thing about flokati or sheepskin is it comes with irregular edges, so it’s not symmetrical and actually looks good tossed in random places around the living room.

Faux flokati comes in a wide array of colors and sizes, so it’s easy to pick what works best for your decor.  And the best part, the faux is inexpensive so it’s a quick, chic and easy way to update a space or hide a flaw and can be easily replaced.  Do you have any other great uses for flokati?
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