3D Floor Plan for Industry Professionals

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3D Floor Plan for Industry Professionals

Floor plans are every designer’s blueprint that showcases how a space would be. They show the layout of the entire design and serve as a roadmap for the designer to follow during the execution stage. 

Although basic floor plans can be drafted with pen and paper, top industry professionals resort to effective 3D floor plan software to make the most accurate designs in the fastest way possible. 

Not only do floor plans help industry experts produce precise and detailed designs while saving them time and effort, but it also helps them produce professional-looking designs that wow their clients. 

However, since there are many 3D floor plan design software out there, the major challenge of professional builders, architects,  real estate experts, and designers is choosing the best floor plan software that works. 

With this in mind, we’ve selected the top ten 3D floor plan software putting their quality and functionality into consideration to help you make the best decision.

Let’s get started by defining what 3D floor plan software is.

What is 3D floor plan software?


3D floor plan software, also known as floor plan creator, is the designer’s right-hand tool. It is a computer-based tool that enables industry professionals to create designs, make changes and share their designs with their clients for reviews.

It facilitates the first step of the design process by enabling precise and accurate illustrations of the space. In addition, 3D floor plan software comes with 3D modeling that helps depict precisely how a design would look like after execution. 

This, therefore, enables designers to make changes and adjustments based on their discretion, their clients’ preference to arrive with the perfect designs that meet expectations.

What’s more? 3D floor plan software isn’t restricted to facilitating the first designs; it also helps remodel a design space. 

As a  designer, you can easily remodel an interior space by removing and adding items in the floor plan through features like object modeling and custom object creation on the software.

Why is 3D floor plan software a must-have for industry professionals? 

Every design industry expert benefits tremendously from 3D floor plan software. 

One of the most prominent benefits of 3D design software is the accuracy it offers. Rather than arrive at design measurement based on guesswork and manual measurements, a 3D floor plan can help you to draw out the precise measurement efficiently.

That’s not all. With the right 3D floor plan software, you can make edits in split seconds and include your best details for the perfect designs. 

Whether you are a real estate professional, an architect, builder, or a designer, 3D floor plan software does a lot to save you time, effort, and money while bringing out the most accurate designs.

It’s also an excellent way for designers to give their clients the chance to visualize their space and request changes where need be. 3D floor plan software does more than designing and illustrating a space; it also serves as effective collaboration and management software.

By enabling software integration, you can integrate different software to work on your various design projects. In addition, you can monitor your progress, edit where necessary and share your designs across multiple platforms for feedback.

3D floor plan software is your best tool to help you through every stage of your project- from start to finish. 

Top 10 3D floor plan software industry professionals use in 2021

Here are ten 3D floor plan software industry experts explore to get the best results with their designs in 2021. 

  1. Foyr Neo


Foyr Neo is the best 3D floor plan software for all your design needs. It comes with all the features you need to create, edit and design the best floor plans in minutes. 

With Foyr Neo, you can decide to create your flow plan from the beginning, or you can upload your floor plan and make changes to suit your unique needs. 

A spectacular feature of Foyr Neo is its drag and drop feature that makes your design process a breeze. All you need to do is to select out of the thousands of pre-modeled products available on Foyr Neo and drag and drop them into your designs. 

With an impeccable 3D floor plan software design like Foyr Neo, you can achieve a photorealistic render in the shortest time frame. 

Foyr Neo helps enhance your productivity by automating your design processes so you can complete the most challenging design projects faster. 

If you are looking for comprehensive 3D floor planner software, then Foyr Neo is your best bet. You won’t have to combine multiple tools to get your design projects done because Foyr Neo has all you need to start and complete your design projects successfully. 

If you want to draw professionally made floor plans in 2D, design your plans in 3D, or make a photorealistic render, Foyr Neo’s got you covered. 

  1. AutoCAD Architecture 


AutoCAD Architecture is an efficient 3D floor planner software for architects and builders to create the best realistic objects rendered in 3D. 

It comes with standard functionality that enhances realistic objects rendered by industry professionals. 

What’s more? AutoCAD Architecture 3D floor planner has an extensive object database that includes doors, walls, and other fixtures. 

Because AutoCAD Architecture is an architectural tool, it’s best suitable for architects who want to render accurate and detailed floor plans. The fact that it integrates efficiently with AutoCAD’s collection of tools makes it an excellent software for experts in the design industry.

  1. SmartDraw 


SmartDraw is a multifunctional tool that works exceptionally to create flow charts, process maps, and precise floor plans. It’s affordable and handy for architects and designers who plan to create simple, straightforward floor plans they can share.

SmartDraw comes with ready-made diagram templates and architectural symbols that make every design pretty easy.

The best thing about the SmartDraw multifunctional tool is its highly integrative function. You can integrate the SmartDraw floor planner software with your Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, OneDrive, and more. 

This enables you to collaborate effectively, save and transfer files across several platforms to meet your unique needs.

  1. RoomSketcher


RoomSketcher 3D floor plan software is an excellent designing tool for home designs. It enables you to create perfect designs for your clients’ dream homes while they visualize them before the designs are brought to life. 

It comes in handy for real-estate experts who want to showcase their real estate listings. You can include exceptional 2D and 3D floor plans and 3D walkthroughs to wow your clients to buy their dream homes.

RoomSketcher is great for 3D renders, and you can export your amazing-looking designs in all the formats you want to.

A unique feature that RoomSketcher offers is its customization feature, which lets you add your business branding so your design can stand out for easy identification.

  1. Roomle


Roomle software is an excellent 2D and 3D floor planner solution for designing detailed and quality floor plans. 

You can also perform 3D renders with photorealistic qualities with Roomle, and it enables you to export high-quality photos for extraordinary presentations. Roomle offers AR and VR walkthroughs. It also comes with a library of images you can use when designing. 

You can access Roomle on any device. It enables easy sharing across several platforms to effectively collaborate with your team and clients when working on it. 

  1. Autodesk Revit


Autodesk Revit is a BIM software used by engineers, designers, architects,  and other construction experts to create efficient designs. 

It comes with several tools that enhance the conversion of your 2D floor designs to 3D.  Thus, it’s one of the most widely sought-after tools for designers who want to convert their floor plans to 3D. 

Autodesk Revit is a highly professional 3D design which is why it is only recommended for design pros who know how to navigate the standard features it offers. 

  1. HomebyMe 


HomebyMe is an online 3D planning software designed to inspire you to create and design your home in 3D.

There are several images available for you to work with. You can also select from the collection of images to gain inspiration when creating and designing your clients’ floor plans. 

HomebyMe comes with easy and intuitive features that let you perform tasks without complications, plus you can design your images in 3D for perfect visualization.

It lets you design a well-detailed floor plan and allows you to select from the different ideas available in its catalog to furnish your designs. 

  1. Cedreo 


Cedreo is an easy-to-use floor plan software that enables you to create your floor plans in 2D and 3D quickly.

You can create your floor plans in 2D and visualize them in 3D with Cedreo. You can also browse from the templates available and then adjust them to suit your taste, or you can start from scratch. It all depends on what you want.

With over 7,000 images in its design library, you can access different types of furniture, flooring types, and fixtures to create your designs.

All your designs are saved on the cloud with Cedreo, so you can always access your floor plans anywhere you are and at any time. 

  1. SweetHome3D



SweetHome3D is interior design software that is used by architects, engineers, and designers to draw floor plans, house plans and put furnishings in place to be viewed in 3D.

It isn’t only designed to help you visualize a space; it also helps you to remodel your projects. 

You can edit and develop an existing design, after which you can download them in different formats that suit the purposes you want them to serve. The format can be in PDFs, vector graphic images, bitmaps, and more.

  1. SketchUp


SketchUp is a 3D floor plan software that architects and designers use. Engineers also use it for designs relating to construction. 

It can be used by industry professionals and newbies with basic design experience due to its functionality and intuitiveness. Because it is intuitive, creating a floor plan is easy, and converting floor plans is also a seamless experience. 

When using SketchUp, every floor plan you draw is initially in 2D but can be later converted to 3D as you wish. 

The crucial features to look out for in a 3D floor plan software 

Before you choose a floor plan software as a professional, you should know the essential features to look out for. Below are the top three crucial qualities every excellent floor plan software must-have. 

  1. A good floor plan software must enable customizable measurement 

It would be best if you opted for a floor plan creator that allows you to customize your features to suit your purpose. 

Even when you explore the templates available in the library, you should be able to tweak the designs to the color, texture, and style you want. 

Also, your floor plan software should let you build on existing designs for times when you would want to remodel a design. 

  1. A good floor plan software lets you import and export your floor plans 

An excellent floor plan software comes with features that let you upload existing floor plans in case you want to develop or use them as a blueprint for your new designs.

You should also be able to export your designs in different formats when you are done designing your floor plans. This way, you can be sure to make them accessible to anyone. 

  1. An excellent 3D floor plan software is accessible 

Your floor plan software should be accessible to you whenever and wherever you need it. It should come with mobile features that let you create, edit and share your designs at your office or on the go.


3D floor plan software is crucial to getting excellent results with your design process. This article discussed the top ten 3D floor plan software you can use as an architect, engineer, or designer to create and visualize your designs in 3D.  

By exploring the 3D floor plan software discussed in this article, you are guaranteed to achieve professionally made designs for all your projects.



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