10 Must-Haves for Glam-Themed Rooms

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10 Must-Haves for Glam-Themed Rooms

10 must-haves for glam-themed rooms
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Let’s face it. Everyone loves a little bit of sparkle and glam in their decor! Even if you have to limit it to one room (most men aren’t jumping up and down to live with pink, though if you are set on pink, be sure to check out my post How to Make Pink Modern here), so it might have to be limited to a guest room or your office, but there are a few key must-haves to get that over-the-top glam effect that is so perfectly illustrated above, so I’ve created a punch list of glam pop must-haves for you!

10 must-haves for glam-themed rooms
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Here are my top 10 decor adds that will glam up your space:

  1.  Flokati:  I know, I go on and on about flokati, but tossing just one clean white flokati or sheepskin throw over a chair or sofa (if you want to go over the top try these fab flokati poufs) will immediately luxe up your space.  The more the merrier, and they’re totally great for covering up worn spots or stains as well.
  2. Pink:  This one probably does not even to be included because, duh!  But a pop of ballet pink, in sheers, pillows, a rug or even just a stack of pink books says “I enjoy being a girl.”
  3. Mirrors:  Mirrors are another one of my secret tricks.  Mirrors can be incredibly inexpensive, they immediately enlarge a space, and they’re super glam, always.  For added effect, try just one piece of mirrored furniture: a console or nightstand.  The one piece I get the most compliments on in my home is my mirrored chest, every single person that stops by comments on it.  Ours is turquoise and houses our tv in the living room, so a little less feminine.
  4. Rattan:  Anything rattan or chinoiserie adds instant glam.  Here’s a tip.  Look around at Goodwill or yard sales for rattan outdoor furniture (you know, the kind that was popular back in 1987?).  Rattan furniture, in good condition, is easily updated with a can of gold or silver spray paint, and cushions are super-easy to replace or recover.  Try a zebra or animal print for added oomph.
  5. Lucite:  Another easy to implement addition.  I still love Louis ghost chairs, and honestly, there are so many knock-offs out there you can easily snap one up for under $100.  Another tip:  snatch up some lucite or clear acrylic organizers and arrange your prettiest makeup and perfume in them.  This adds a feminine pop even in an office or living room.

    10 must-haves for glam-themed rooms
    { photo source }
  6. Come out of the closet:  A simple clothing rack to display your prettiest (and pinkest) clothes is a fab way to add personality to your space.  Don’t have a lot of pink?  Snap up some inexpensive vintage at your nearest consignment shop or Goodwill, dry clean and display!  Don’t hide your prettiest Pradas in the closet.  An artfully discarded pair of strappy heels, a pile of pearls hanging on a hook, your evening bags stacked on a shelf, raid your closet and bring those babies into the light!
  7. Stack those mags:  As a blog designer, one of my secret weapons is photography.  Fantastic photos make any blog look polished and professional, so grab a pile of the most glam magazine covers you can find (large international newsstands, like you find in the airport are great sources), a short stack of French Vogue adds a large amount of je ne sais quoi!
  8. Accent with gold or silver:  Skip over the naturals and matte, and find the boldest, shiniest accent pieces you can (mercury glass is a great start).  I have one whole room that is literally made by a shiny silver Buddha statue, remember, you’re looking for shiny, luxe, bold and glitter here.
  9. Fresh (or faux) flowers:  Roses and peonies are key, skip over wildflowers or ferns, and keep the arrangements short and tight.  And for the love of God skip the baby’s breath!
  10. Chandeliers: A chandelier is probably the number one key piece that can pull a room together.  If you can’t afford an electrician for wiring, or live in a rental even a ceiling mount with a non-functioning chandelier or a candlelier can zhush up your space fast.  I’ve even been known to drape beads or hanging crystal ornaments over an existing light fixture for added oomph.  If a ceiling mount is simply not an option, try a chandelier lamp, like this cutie from Bed Bath and Beyond.

And there you have it!  10 easy ways to glam up your space.  Even if you’re only working with a small space, a closet or guest bathroom, implementing even just a few of these tips will add polish and luxe.  Do you have any tips for glamming up a space?  Leave me a comment below, and have fun!  Looking for more great glam inspo?  Check out my Pinterest board, Grace Kelly Glam here!

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