You Do Have to Go Home, and you Can Stay Here

So who else is really missing being able to go out on the town every once in awhile? Whether you’re a club till dawn kind of gal (in which case you’re probably under the age of 25, lol) or a chic and understated indie lounge kind of person, everyone enjoys the anticipation of glamming it up a bit and getting out for a prosecco or two. Sadly, during these times we can’t really do all the things we used to, so today I’m sharing some inspired bar carts from some seriously stylish bloggers!

Nest feathering is all the rage these days, obvi, so don’t neglect a stylish bar cart! You don’t even need a cart necessarily, but what a great idea to set up a little home bar area, with your favorite glasses (get them out of the cabinets and on display!) and beautiful bottles (because liquor stores are considered essential you know). A styled bar area will make even the dullest days seem a little more festive, and there’s nothing to stop you from glamming it up yourself, so throw on some lipstick and heels and have yourself your own little party!

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