So I’ve gotten really active on Instagram lately (I know, I know, totally late to that game).  Actually I wasn’t late, I’ve been there all along it’s just that I was only using Instagram for I guess what it’s really supposed to be meant for, which is photos.  And not selfies either, these were photo photos, of all the beautiful stuff here in South Florida where I live!  But my girlfriend, who just finished her MBA, was like, girl, you have to use Instagram for your business.  You have to! So I’ve been stepping up my insta game, mostly with little graphics I design, it’s kind of fun.  If  you want to follow me, feel free to do so here (but it’s not about the followers, right?!) So I’ve had my eye out for cool typography design, these are some of my latest Pinterest faves, enjoy!

{ photo source: 1 | 2 | 3 }


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