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This was a cool trend a few years back that I think bears revisiting!  Not sure I am brave enough to do it, although with a thrifted mirror I might try (pro tip: metallic gold or silver spray paint works wonders on ugly wooden frames, and I like to use magazine pages to cover the mirror while I spray, they are sturdy, lay flat and can be slid up under the frame so you don’t have any messy splashes or spatter).  But text on mirrors is a whole other idea entirely!  I think if you were going to do it freehand you’d really want to have an artist, I’m afraid if I did it myself it would look like a two year-old ha ha, but typography stencils are an awesome option if you wanted to give this a try!  I love mirrors, they make your space look so much larger and bright, and the writing on mirrors trend definitely adds an extra edge!

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