Work It

Monday after a long holiday weekend, is there a worse day?  Being in one of these pretty spaces would make it a million times better, I know that.  I shouldn’t be too sad, I am taking 3 weeks off in December, but it’s not really for fun, I have a bunch of things to do to settle my husband’s estate.  It’s so horrible, when someone dies, you can’t even just grieve, you have to take care of all this business, too.  So it won’t really be a vacation, but at least maybe I will get to sleep in once or twice.  Love you all, and thank you for your sweet Thanksgiving comments.
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  1. I am so sorry. That is so incredibly difficult. I have experienced it with my father–and I can only imagine it being your husband. Prayers for you still. Hope all goes well–and hope you do take a few days to sleep in for yourself.

  2. Hi Shari,
    How are you, love the look of your blog your talent never ceases to amaze. Three beautiful spots…. I have been thinking of you…… Hope you are doing better, my friend….. Maryanne xo

  3. I never thought about that, since no one beloved or near to me has died as of yet. (knocks on wood) *hugs*

    I like the new layout & header of your blog. As always with you entries, this post is very inspiring to me! Love!

    Follow the Royal Peach

  4. I know what you are going through, and it is a difficult time, but i am constantly praying for you sweetheart!
    Xo D

  5. Be strong deer friend.

  6. Wishing you strength.

  7. Wishing you strength.

  8. Bless you dear… are in the darkest of times. Rest when you can, laugh if you are ever able…..wishing you comfort and peace. Take the time you need….xx Heather